Building Your List by Kyla Gagnon

Building Your List by Kyla Gagnon

I am a woman and a self proclaimed MULTI TASKER…
Anyone with me on this one???

It is kind of our gift as women…
Okay perhaps it’s ONE of our gifts 🙂

In most cases I see women multi task with what looks like 100% success, in almost every category of life, however the one in which I see us fail at more times than not, is when it comes to beginning a fitness journey.

When you take on the choice to live a healthier happier more fulfilling life with new fitness and nutritional habits we often crumble under the pressure of having to “DO IT ALL”.

With a new health and wellness program typically comes a few… sometimes A LOT of new “to do’s”, new habits to learn and new practices to incorporate into our lives, and this can be very overwhelming.

I’d like to offer just a little advice if I could.

Build your list and write it down, it may look something like this…

  • Drink more water (3 litres a day)
  • Eat more frequently (every 3 hours)
  • Get to the gym 5 days a week
  • Do more cardio
  • Cut out Sugar
  • No alcohol
  • No night time eating
  • Get 7 hours of sleep

The list can really go on and on…

My suggestion is to pick one or two new habits and spend one week implementing them until they begin to feel “normal”

Each week add in one or two new habits until the list is checked off.

Sure this might take a month, maybe even two, but the results of strategic habit building versus rushed overwhelmed attempt after attempt will mean life long changes happen.

Feeling the need to DO IT ALL is something that I feel society has placed upon us. By society I actually mean the female population.


We have done this to ourselves.
We have set ourselves up to fail by overloading our plates with all of these things that need to get done, (due to our freakish skill of multi tasking with most everything else in life.)

I would agree that indeed we are incredible species, human beings, but we need to remember that we can only physically do so much in a day, in a week or even in a month.

In order to put 100% effort into an activity, whichever that may be, it needs to be our ONLY activity.

This could mean, reading, exercising, listening, sleeping, driving, working, loving……

We live in a world where multi tasking is everywhere. It’s how we go through our days, everyday, all of us, Myself very much included.
How much of what we are doing is actually getting 100% of our effort and attention???

So when it comes to building and developing a new you through health and fitness, begin simply with a list.

You will get through the list when you get through it…. There are no harsh deadlines to meet.

Some may fly through their lists, some may walk slowly… Speed has no importance.

You deserve 100%.
Give yourself 100% at whatever pace that may be…for YOU.

Via Kyla Gagnon

I'm the founder of Inside Out Fitness and, I am madly in love with my career, as it provides me the opportunity to help guide others towards living their absolute best life possible. I am blessed.