Shannon Petralito Smith Machine Step Ups

The step up is an effective exercise for developing the quads and glutes, and is performed by stepping onto a box or bench and lifting the body up with that leg. Focus on really pushing through that heel of the working leg! The smith machine Step Up is another alternative to a basic Step Up. I personally feel it way more in my glutes performing this exercise on the Smith Machine!
Key Points:
*Set the bar at maximum height so you can safely get up onto the box and into the starting position.
*Place Box slightly in front of bar. When you step up onto box you want your body to be straight – not leaning forward! Maintaining an upright position and focusing your weight in the heel of the working leg is crucial!
Be sure the bar is not placed on your neck – bar should be placed on the upper Trapezius on the upper back.
Step 1:
Stand upright in front of a step with feet shoulder width apart

Step 2:
Place one foot on top of the box pushing through the heel and straighten the leg to stand up.

Step 3:
Lift the trailing leg and tap it onto the box.

Step 4:
Pause briefly at the top and focus on maintaining balance and posture.

Step 5:
Place the trailing leg on the floor & step down pushing though the heel to return to the start position.

Step 6:
This is one repetition.

Step 7:
Switch sides to complete the set!

Via Shannon Petralito

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